Asian Eyelid Transformation with @Lashes_vis_a_vis (February 10-11th, 2019)

Asian Eyelid Transformation with @Lashes_vis_a_vis (February 10-11th, 2019)


This advanced two-day course in the newest technique in eyelash extensions is for qualified and working at least 3 month technicians only!!! 

Mega Volume and Asian eyelid Lifting! 

Want to know all the secrets to Mega Volume and correct shaping of an Asian eyelid? 

Want to be proud of your work without any photoshop? 

2 Day Master Class with the leading teacher of @lashes_vis_a_vis Malika Nauryzova including live model practice and ongoing support! $1600 USD 

Intensive theory includes: 

All about history of lash extensions 

1. Basics of Volume lashing 

2. Three volume techniques making 4-15D fan 

3. Achieving perfect fan geometry & symmetry 

4. Natural lash safety 

5. Proper eye preparation for volume application 

6. Proper isolation 

7. Volume lash layering, diagrams of mixing curls 

8. Natural gap bridging patented technique by Vis_a_vis 

9. Working on “Asian eyes” 

- Eye shape correction, eyelid lifting patented technique by Vis_a_vis 

- Eye styling 

10. Working with adhesives : tips and tricks 

11. Apply volume lashes with safe distance from the eyelid 

12. Choose appropriate lash style to accentuate or correct different types of eyes 

13. How to avoid stickies 

14. Working with different curls and mixing curvatures 

15. How to prepare yourself to Lash competitions 

16. Practice on models, work evaluation 

The course includes: kit, live model practice, lunch, certificate upon completion 

To enroll please text 7807009184

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