Social Design with @EyelashStina (Jan 28, 2019)

Social Design with @EyelashStina (Jan 28, 2019)


SOCIAL DESIGN | The photo editing + design course | 1 DAY COURSE 

Want to learn how to take and edit your own photos like a BOSS? This specialty course is designed to make your business flourish by teaching you how to thoughtfully market yourself to your ideal clientele with your own, original style. With over 10 years of experience in the modeling, make up, and beauty industry, this course pulls from experience across the board. 

This class will change your perspective, attract a new clientele, and empower you to be the designer of your business. Create a dynamic flow in your instagram feed, or on your website to help generate income and a beautiful business. 

- Photography basics
- Lighting basics and practices
- Understanding color tones
- Color theory
- Color correction
- Perspective
- Styling
- Creating a unique style  
- Photo editing
- Removing blemishes
- Correcting red eyes
- Apps, hacks, and special techniques
- Client comfort + consent
- Certificate *pending course completion

A smart phone. Yep, thats it. An iPad and an Apple Pencil or any kind of tablet with a stylus are ideal but not necessary. All editing can be done with the touch of your fingers on a smart phone. 

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