Volume II with Maven Artistry (Dec 16-17)

Volume II with Maven Artistry (Dec 16-17)


Volume II is a two-day advanced master class for experienced artists proficient in volume application. Styling and design are the backbone of Volume II. We’ll study Maven’s unique Face Studies™ program, corrective lashing, creating illusion, structural symmetry and balancing facial appearance. Implementing Maven’s Face Studies™ program will revolutionize the way you assess client features, challenging you to think creatively and design with intention.

*Volume experience required for enrollment.


  • Face Studies™ Foundation 

  • Client Assessment and Record Keeping System

  • Advanced Styling

  • 5 Pick-Up Techniques

  • Mastering Maven Method

  • Creating Ideal Fans

  • Placement & Application

  • Corrective Lashing

  • Illusion Creation

  • Symmetry and Balance

  • Mixing Curls

  • Perfecting Transitions

  • Lash Mapping & Work Patterns

  • Ideal Fan-Making

  • Pricing

  • Social Media & Business Mastery


  • Study Manual

  • Skill Building Worksheets

  • Student Kit

  • Face Studies™ Workbook

  • Live Model Practice

  • Client Forms

  • Certificate (*Upon successful completion of case study)

  • Ongoing Mentorship and Support

Sign up at: https://www.mavenartistry.com/academy/

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