Volume Master Class with Lash Makers (April 16-17th, 2019)

Volume Master Class with Lash Makers (April 16-17th, 2019)


Full 2 Day Program designed for Volume/Classic experienced and training lash artists.

Certification and kit are included, practice models and lunches are provided.

*Products in the kit vary, value $300

Program Itinerary:

• Lash Makers signature Volume technique

• Mega fan structure, “needle bases”

• Perfect line” and “Layering” techniques

• Perfect fan placement and direction

•Understanding adhesive (black and clear)

• Fan geometry

• Retention trouble shooting

• Advanced styling and Asian eye specifications

• Cleansing and prep Lash Makers way

• Allergies and irritations

• Lash selection

• Product overview and what  Not to buy

• In-fills and aftercare

• Clientele management

• Bridging gaps and lash rehab

• Safe lash extensions removal

• Lash Maker as profession –Sales, marketing and pricing

• Photo hacks and equipment

• Social media and Instagram branding


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